Patrick Hunt believes the boundaries between academic subjects are too often arbitrary and artificial, and thus explores junctions between many intersecting areas of interest across the broader Humanities and the arts.

Patrick has followed several of his life-long dreams - archaeologist, writer, historian – while teaching the last twenty years at Stanford University.

Patrick is indebted and grateful to hundreds of students young and old over the years in many places who have taught him just as much as he has taught them. (...read more)

National Geographic Expeditions Dr Patrick Hunt

Hannibal Expedition - National Geographic Society 2008
Patrick Hunt, Director. Starting in 1994, the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project (1994-2012) has explored, excavated and conducted first-hand archaeological research in the Alps. Read More.


Patrick Hunt is Editor-in-Chief of ELECTRUM MAGAZINE, launched in December 2010.



Patrick was a featured scholar on the NOVA - National Geographic special aired October 26th, 2011, rebroadcasted regularly since.
ten   Best Seller Archaeology Book Now in Five Languages:

"Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History

"If any global archaeologist were asked to name the top ten archaeological discoveries that have made the greatest impact on archaeology and history, most lists would be likely to unanimously mention the following huge impact discoveries: the Rosetta Stone, Pompeii, Nineveh, Troy, King Tut's Tomb ... Read Info


  New York Times Magazine (9/19/08)
cited Patrick Hunt's iTunes podcast:
'How Hannibal Crossed the Alps'

"The top of the iTunes U chart features ... provocative titles like “How Did Hannibal Cross the Alps?” by Patrick Hunt of Stanford (audio only) ... " --New York Times Magazine

New York Times bestselling author, James Geary of GEARY'S GUIDE TO THE WORLD'S BEST APHORISTS (2007) has written in September 2008 about Patrick Hunt as a 'damn fine aphorist' and also listed a few of Patrick's sample aphorisms

  ARCHAEOLOGY magazine
Jan/Feb 2007 features Patrick's Hannibal research.


Patrick was a featured scholar on the National Geographic Explorer TV program " Death of the Ice Man" premiered on April 1, 2008, rebroadcasted regularly since.

Patrick has been one of the featured scholars on several documentary TV productions from 2006-2009, including PBS, History Channel... (more)

May, 2008 published on Patrick's Hannibal Expedition

  Alpine archaeology is a specialized field, where normal archaeological principles ...

Available in 2007 onward

  If any global archaeologist were asked to name the top ten archaeological discoveries ...

Available in 2007 onward

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